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Social Rugby Club is the first rugby club based in Skopje providing rugby training for children and young people. Our rugby training will be designed to contribute to the personal development of the participants. Sports sessions, in addition to rugby techniques and exercises, will include activities for the development of interpersonal and social skills. Young people will be taught and encouraged to foster team spirit, equality, respect, empathy, self-responsibility, and leadership. Particular attention will be paid to the development and support of girls who want to play rugby and become rugby players.

The Rugby Club will provide sports sessions for children and young people aged 6 to 13, played in mixed and/or separate groups.

Social Rugby Club


To develop and strengthen the personal potential of young people, through rugby.

Our values:

Integrity. Respect. Equality. Team spirit. Solidarity.

Why us?

Because we will teach you how to play and enjoy rugby. But in addition to becoming a great rugby player and developing your motor skills, our program will help you develop other skills, such as improved self-confidence, team spirit, successful communication, and leadership. Come and join us!

Tag and mini rugby aged 6 to 13 years

Our club provides sports sessions for young boys and girls aged 6 to 13 playing in different groups, depending on age and / or the physical development of the child.

Children aged 6 and 7 years old will start with tag rugby. This is a fun, enjoyable and contactless version of rugby played in small teams on small pitches. The emphasis will be on participation, physical activity and enjoyment.

Generally, from age 8 upwards, children will play mini rugby. This offers an introduction to rugby that meets the needs of the young player, and gradually, as the children get older, team and pitch sizes will increase. Participants will master the basics of rugby and learn the rules of the game. The contact rugby will only be introduced once a child is ready for it and all 1st timers will be given fitness/conditioning training and skills training before they play any contact rugby, and when they play contact rugby it will be supervised by a qualified coach.

The sessions are designed to encourage player development focusing on participation rather than the outcome of the game. By developing their rugby skills, children will strengthen their self-confidence, self-responsibility, team spirit and cooperation with other players and coaches.

Children in mini rugby train in a positive, safe and fun sports environment.

Social Rugby Club
Social Rugby Club
Social Rugby Club
Social Rugby Club

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