Equality and Diversity Policies

Principles of Equality and Diversity:

  • We create an environment in which the individual differences and contributions of all our employees, creditors and volunteers are recognized and valued.
  • We create a work environment that promotes dignity and respect for all. No form of intimidation will be tolerated.
  • We provide appropriate training, opportunities for development and upgrading on a personal and professional level that are available to all.
  • We promote equality in the workplace because it is part of our good Governance Policy.
  • We regularly review employment and volunteering practices and procedures to ensure that no candidate or volunteer is treated less favorably than others.
  • We take violations of our Equality Policy seriously and take all necessary measures if it hasn’t been respected.
  • Any form of discrimination, or non-compliance, with our Equality Policy by an employee, or volunteer, will be taken seriously and disciplinary action may be taken where appropriate.
  • We provide information and training to all staff and volunteers, so that they are fully aware of the issues related to equality and their responsibility for these issues.
  • Our Equality Policy will be reviewed on a biennial basis.



  • All vacancies will be advertised internally and externally, where appropriate.


Training and Professional Development:

  • All employees, creditors and volunteers will have access to training opportunities.
  • These training opportunities will be discussed during joint meetings, and training selection will be made based on the needs of the business activity determined by the business plan and personal development of the individual.
  • The initial training will include an explanation of our Equal Opportunities Policy and access to development opportunities.



Social Rugby Club has a responsibility to provide a safe sport environment for all children and young people who participate in our programs.

All engaged persons, as well as volunteers in our club, will conduct their work and actions, based on the club’s values ​​and principles, such as respect, solidarity, equality, integrity and team spirit.


Values ​​and Principles:

  • Those involved in the sports club understand, respect and practice the values ​​of the organization in all aspects of their work.
  • The personal goals and interests of the people involved should be in line with the goals of the club as defined in the Mission and Vision.
  • Those involved in the sports club maintain professional communication and all have an equal right to express their opinion and position. Gestures, voice tone and communication should be appropriate for the occasion and should not exceed the limits of mutual respect, that is, they should not escalate into an argument that shows disrespect to the interlocutor.

Ethnic, religious, racial and gender / gender discrimination, or inappropriate treatment, due to the stated differences as a characteristic of a person will be considered a violation of the right to equal treatment, and it will be subject to an appropriate sanction.


It is the responsibility of everyone involved in our club, including coaches and volunteers, to:

  • Provide protection for children and young people from all forms of abuse, bullying or exploitation by all involved in sport.
  • Create an environment where children feel safe, respected and valued.
  • Provide access to information to all children, parents and guardians.
  • Report possible abuse or neglect of children to management and / or child protection institutions, whether the abuse was committed by staff or outside our club, including the child’s family, extended family or his/her friends.
  • Advocate and promote the rights of children and young people and contribute to their strengthening.
  • Promote a culture of inclusion, justice, equality and solidarity.

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