Girls and rugby

The game of rugby is the same for girls and boys, although it is still important to understand that boys and girls are different. Understanding that there are differences will help create a positive learning climate. According many researches, it has been proven that most girls play rugby out of love for the game, for fun and/or making friends. At older age, a great stimulus is to be fit and in shape, and some aspire to play at a professional level.

​Key areas that are especially useful and our trainers take into account when training:

Girls can respond positively when their coach knows them as individuals and understands their motivations and goals.

Girls tend to ask more questions than boys, because it is important to understand the details of the instruction before trying something new (movement, technique).

The physical distance between male and female children aged 6 to 13 is usually minimal.

Girls tend to be more relationship oriented and communication with them is very important as this is the basis for their learning and encourages their participation.

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