A brief history of the idea behind the club

Rugby is a popular sport and exists in almost every country, in recreational and, or, professional form. There are many rugby clubs, federations, local and national teams as well as organized leagues across different countries and continents, including countries neighboring North Macedonia.

However, in North Macedonia, rugby is currently not as well developed, as it is with our neighbors. For instance, in 2019, a Regional Women’s Rugby Championship was held in North Macedonia, when teams from Bulgaria, Greece, and Kosovo took part, but unfortunately, no North Macedonian women’s rugby team competed, because, at that time, a women’s team did not exist.

At the same time, the sport of rugby represents a platform for personal development among young people, as it promotes respect, solidarity, integrity, and team spirit. The values ​​that this sports foster are principles that we want young people to adhere to in life. Hence, all rugby sports sessions will focus on developing life skills for children and young people.

We recognized the need, and the right moment, to establish a club that offers opportunities for children, of both sexes, to play rugby, and, at the same time, contribute to the development of their life skills.

The club will contribute to the development of rugby as a sport in our country, by providing our young people with quality and well-structured rugby sessions.

Furthermore, as an advocate for gender equality and equal opportunities, I strongly believe in the idea that sport empowers girls and women. Therefore, this club will pay particular attention to provide equal access and support to the development of female and male rugby players, as well as women rugby coaches and referees.

Many thanks to James Holt and Robert Wilkins from the Skopje Wild Boars Rugby Club for their unreserved support, as well as for training our coaches and preparing them to conduct quality children’s rugby sessions.

Many thanks to the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society, and the Global Sports Mentoring Program led by Sarah Hillary. Your support was instrumental in establishing and launching this club. As part of the Global Sports Mentoring Program, the professional team deployed in our club will be guided by the experienced coaches Vanja Wolfgang, from New Zealand, and Claudia Contreras, from Venezuela.

Our vision is to provide a safe and positive sports environment to advance the player’s personal development through rugby.

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